Scanning is looking up before you recieve the ball, knowing where all your team mates are  and where the opposition is so when u recieve the ball you will know exactly what to do  with the ball.
When you have the ball on your feet looking up at the field really fast and see what options  you have is scanning


Vision means

  • The ability to find spaces during open plays.
  • The ability to find passes in tight areas
  • The ability to play through balls (the best example is Andres Iniesta and Zinedine Zidane)
  • To switch flanks (From one side of the pitch to the other).


Like the Dictionary meaning, a way of carrying out a task or executing it. In soccer we have different formations and tactics but the way those tactics are carried out is called Technique.

Clinical Finisher:

  • Clinical Finishers “never panic”.
  • They don’t just score, they do it with a smile on their face and a recognizable attitude that  says “yes, that was as easy for me as I made it look”
  • CF quickly assess the different situations presented with and learn to play with the cards  dealt. This attribute is initially instinctive but developed over spending long time in the field.
    Remaining calm and observing the situation as a whole (where you are, where the goalie is  and where the net is) suddenly becomes easier to beat a goalie and score a goal.

Soccer Nutrition:

Soccer is one of most physically demanding of all sports. During a ninety-minute game a  player can burn as many as 1500 to 2000 calories. A study from Holland found that elite male soccer players expended about 3400 calories a day on average.

Vigorous training and competitive games increases the energy needs of professional and  amateur soccer players. Failure to meet those increased energy needs, especially with the  right quality of nutrition, significantly increases the risk of impaired training status – i.e. you  don’t get the results you deserve!

Video Assistance:

  • Our Video Assitance Partner is Pitchvision
  • We get Minute by Minute Videos to Analysis and Guide Players
  • We get Auto Edited Highlights of the Match. So its easier for us to Guide and teach Youngster.
  • We Can live our matches on youtube with interactive Socrecard that help us to show our skills to our other Academy Students and Parents.